Research & Development

Our engineers and managers at A.K.A. Engineering bring to us a rich and strong RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT background.  We have honed these skills through self-funding our own sustainable energy development projects since 1999.


We have optimized our R&D skills through our self-funded projects.  These projects have focused on renewable, sustainable or alternative energy concepts.  

You may recently have heard the expression “Over-Unity Device”. I t may sound suspiciously like perpetual a motion device, but it simply means that more useful energy is coming out than is being paid for to be put in; as in a wind turbine.  The task of development programs along these lines is to reduce the life cycle cost when initial investments are factored in.


We can assist you with your development projects.  Whether they are for renewable energy or new machine design, we have the proven expertise to help you get there quicker. 

We have the latest 3-D modeling and analysis tools; Solidworks, Inventor, SolidWorks Simulation, CosmosWorks, and our proprietary simulation and development tools.

Let us know how we can advance you designs, and development projects. Whether for product design and development, or for automation or refinement of your production, contact A.K.A Engineering.

Let us support your engineering needs.

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