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A.K.A. Engineering is a dynamic company at the forefront of engineering for Vehicles, Simulation, Theme Parks, and Sustainable Energy Solutions.   Our force and motion simulation techniques are in use at NASA, US Air Force and Navy, and Theme parks and Museums around the world. 

A.K.A. Engineering is Integrated Engineering. Our innovative team of professionals is experienced in mechanical, electrical, controls, software, and system engineering, along with project management experience in the entertainment industry. Our skill and knowledge focus on the integrated engineering of Motion and Force Simulation, Machine Design, Product Design, Vehicle Design, Ride Systems, Show Action Equipment, and Special Effects.  Experience has taught us that well designed themes immerse the guest into the complete experience of the Attraction.  Our core team has extensive experience in the “Flight Simulation” and “Control Force Loading”.  This team has been the engineering excellence behind systems used and sold by companies ranging from automotive and entertainment giants to simulation and aerospace experts.  Our staff of innovative professionals brings engineering expertise in mechanical, electrical, controls and software design along with seasoned project managers.

You may not know our name but you know our work!

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